Find Your Extraordinary Love

Corinn was inspired to write down how she was able to break her pattern of having heart ache after heart ache in love. Since becoming a Reiki Master and shamanic healer, she has been able to be the magical co-creator in her life in all areas and continues to use these tools each day.

Once she found her extraordinary love and helped countless others find theirs, she decided to create this book for you. Thus came the birth of her healing practice, The Soulmate Shaman, where she helps her clients remove blocks to finding love. Now these tools are made available to you in this fun, easy to use guide on creating love.

Become Completely Available

Chapter 1 Excerpt

When I finally figured out that this was the reason I was attracting unavailable partners, I decided to resolve my chord attachments. I learned a quick and powerful way to cut these cords. Use a knife (even a butter knife) and, without touching your body, trace around the outline of your body while imagining all strings falling away. Calling in the energy of Ascended Master St. Germaine and his violet flame to take these cords to the sacred fire is helpful too.


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