Can You Be In The Flow and Still Be Powerful?

As I was going to sleep wondering how my young niece could be so calm around the horses we were petting that day, I asked spirit how I can be more free flowing like her. Here’s the Dream and the healing that came the next morning:
I’m teaching and Fleetwood Mac came to our classroom singing the lyrics, Will you ever win? I believe the last time I heard that song was in the 80’s.
The children and I were so excited to have a surprise concert that we just started dancing so freely and enjoying the celebration, but suddenly I see a TIGER standing by one of the tables. I run and hide behind a table. A girl asks why I’m hiding and I pointed to the TIGER. She hides with me at first and then decided to get up to continue dancing.
I look around and none of the children are afraid of the tiger. Why? Why am I the only one who is afraid?
I woke up still afraid but perplexed at the whole scene and especially the lyrics in my head that keep saying, “Will you ever win?
The first thing I thought was that I had this same confusion when I was watching my niece interact with the horses. How could she not be afraid, like the girl in the dream?
I also know that dreams of classrooms are here to teach us something.
Then I looked up Tiger symbolism: power, female sexuality, seduction and leadership. I realized that I have been learning about boundaries and personal power and wanting to accept my sexuality, but that song wouldn’t stop playing in my head.
“Will you ever win?” I get quiet and realize the YOU in Will You Ever Win is the ME that is very self expressed and free flowing.
I’ve been letting that ME out in front of people a little more each day but I haven’t let her win fully yet.
Then I punch in Fleetwood Mac, Will You Ever Win and what pops up is a song called Rhiannon. I looked her up and started crying when I realized she was a Celtic goddess and healer representing movement and change, yet is steadfast like on a white horse with 3 birds around her representing angels. The tears flow as I am in awe of this feeling I had to stand in between white horses even though I was afraid. Tears flow feeling how much I long to let myself be free like her. So often I feel I hold myself back from fully expressing myself due to fear of being judged.
I asked the goddess Rhiannon and my angels and guides to help any of us who have felt like accepting ourselves and letting loose is wrong.
*To let us dance and sing our hearts out even when people are watching.
*To give us a cleansing of FEAR of the things that scare us, rational or not.
*To help us take a break and ask for help when we are exhausted.
*To let us be free flowing and in our power.
*To give us a blessing to just let loose and celebrate ourselves each day for the amazing beings that we are.
Can you feel it? I am feeling an urge to send us all a Reiki blessing if you would like, just open yourself to receive for a few moments, breathe in, enjoy some movement and music today and…
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Pay attention to your dreams!!! They are powerful!
**The Goddess Rhiannon rode a white horse and traveled with 3 birds that had healing powers. The story of the Celtic goddess Rhiannon reminds us of the healing power of humor, tears, and forgiveness. The goddess Rhiannon is a goddess of movement and change who remains steadfast, comforting us in times of crisis and of loss.