Can You Really Visit a Loved One in a Dream?

YES!!! With extreme gratitude I am able to answer yes to this question. My teenage niece was hit by a car last week. She had the right of way and a guy drove around the corner and hit her. They wouldn’t let me see her due to her being in a coma and having a fever. My first instinct was to pray and send her Reiki. As I was going to bed I wondered if she knows how much I love her so I started saying prayers to all of the angels and guides who would listen to help her and tell her I love her. Then I gave her to her angels and guides and fell asleep.
OMG! The best dream came!
The Dream:
I walked into my niece’s hospital room and she ran up to me and hugged me so tightly. She said, “Look at my haircut they gave me.” I woke up so happy to see my niece and feel her love. I know she isn’t able to walk yet, but now I have a vision to hold of her being restored to health. I continue to send her Reiki.
She is now out of the coma and on the mend. It’s going to be a long road for her.
Today I was able to see her for the first time and guess what? She does have a new haircut that the hospital had to give her. I told her the dream and how much I love her and am happy she’s ok. We both started crying. I’m so grateful for these awesome dreams!
If you would like to send any prayers for my niece, her name is Janelle. Her strength is inspiring to all who know her. Please see her body returning to wellness and her brain fully recovered and of course, ease of pain. We are both so grateful. Thank you!!

Keep dreaming,