Communicating with Your Love

Have you ever tried communicating with your new love before you ever meet him/her? I want to share a great tip for moving into the vibration of love. I highly recommend it. I was speaking with a woman who was pretty discouraged about the fact that her new man wasn’t anywhere to be found. What if he’s already there energetically and physical circumstances are working themselves out to bring him to your physical reality? One of the things I know for sure is that our thoughts create our reality. You’ve heard this over and over. Why not try it out with love?

Which do you think would be better energetically: moping or playing lightheartedly? A friend and I used to call each other and ask the question, “Are you keeping it light?” It did wonders for us when we took life too seriously.

I asked her to speak to her future love daily as if he is sitting right next to her in the car, at home, out and about. Notice the feeling you have when doing this. Our emotions attract like magnets.

You can also do this when someone you are in relationship with when they aren’t calling or responding to your messages. Imagine that person right in front of you or next to you and start talking as if they were there. For bonus points, lol. respond back being them. Let me know how it goes.

I hope this is helpful,