Dream Healing Betrayal

Recently I was asking my body and the universe to help me heal from all that is not love. What happened in the next few days was a lot of anger coming out of me at my current partner. I was angry about some things that he had done, but I knew that this anger wasn’t all about him. I asked for a dream to help me heal old anger.

I had a dream last night where I was cheated on by an ex. The yelling that came out of me was was wild. When I awoke, I remembered being angry from that betrayal, but not actually acknowledging that anger in waking hours. It had been suppressed by me and needed to come out. Our dreams are so helpful for this.
I asked the archangels and my guides to free me from this anger and received a healing. If you suspect you may have some repressed anger, you can ask your angels and guides to help you free it up from your system.

As I was receiving the healing, I had the thought come in about why I was so angry. I remembered that a woman who knew my ex. came up to me one day and told me he cheats on everyone he’s with. I asked him why she would say that to me and he said, “She’s just trying to get rid of you because she still wants to be with me.” I thought that was odd since she broke up with him. I decided to stay in the moment and continue on with the relationship even though this felt kind of weird inside, but I couldn’t label the weirdness and really wanted to be with this guy. He was so sexy.
I remember the day I found out he was cheating on me. I was so hurt and angry because I couldn’t believe that he did this to me. Mostly I was angry at myself for not being more cautious about the strange feelings I had.
I’ve recently been asking myself the question, “What if this injury isn’t personal?” where I can look at the painful things that have happened to me in a different light to free up hurt that’s blocking me from being fully available and healthy. I realized that he didn’t actually do this to only me… he did this to everyone. It was his behavior. I was a woman and this is how his pattern with women. It wasn’t personal at all. This man had his own deep issues to deal with and I wasn’t the one to help him. This reminds me of another ex that cheated on my. I had met this man when I was at a pretty low time as I was going through a divorce. He had the same behaviors as my other ex. Interesting.

Now, I want to make something very clear here: I do not believe that all men cheat, nor do I believe that my ex will always be a cheater. I know that this behavior was unacceptable to me so I had to leave. These men who cheated on me were like my teachers, showing me I needed to break this pattern that I was attracting. I was determined to attract faithful men from that point on. I had to ask myself where had I been unfaithful to myself? I had these gut feelings over and over that something was off with these men, but went against my intuition, which kept bringing me the same lesson to learn until I was willing to change.
Come to think of it, him cheating on me was a gift because I was so unhappy in the relationship. He was always criticizing every move I made. I had to learn how to stand up for myself for one thing. I also know that nobody can do something to us that we haven’t already on some level done to ourselves. I was highly critical of myself at that time.
The other thing I realized about that those relationships was that these guys were my absolute 10 on a scale of 1-10 in physical attraction. I was willing to put up with so much just to be with them, which wasn’t healthy for me. I’ve learned from my studies with Alison Armstrong that we may want to run from our 10 as we just cannot be our powerful selves with them. What’s funny is that when I met my current husband I wasn’t attracted to him. I was attracted to his mind. After about a month, I started to become attracted to him physically. Go figure… Get to know the ones we aren’t attracted to and they magically transform before our eyes. Or is it our eyes that do the transforming? lol

I hope this helps. I know that we can all have freedom from the pain we’ve been carrying if we are brave enough to ask ourselves questions and listen for the answers. Our guides and angels are always giving us exactly what we need to learn, grow and be free to live with an open heart.