How Going in Nature Can Bring in Your Extraordinary Love

In my love coaching practice I had a client who, after her session, reported back to me that she was spending time with her extraordinary love. I was so happy that she met someone!… She would send me pictures of the ocean, the mountains, the sunsets. I was so curious as to why she wouldn’t send me a pic of him so I asked her for one and she sent me more nature pics. She said that she is seeing extraordinary love in everything and has this knowing after her session that her man is just right there but not yet in physical form.
So she kept going outside and sending me nature pics of her extraordinary love and guess what happened?!? She met him!!! They have been going strong for a couple of months now and spending lots of time in nature. What this woman was doing was feeling love and raising her vibration to that of love with the spirits of nature, a powerful force to call upon. The more love you put out the more love that can come to you. Imagine what comes when we put out yuckiness. Try t!
It is because of this that I have been taking my coaching clients to do outdoor ceremonies to bring in their extraordinary love.
The last one was this weekend where we saw a wedding. What a great omen! I’m sending you magical blessings of love now! Open up to receive if you would like. Energy is something and there is no time space barrier when it comes to energy.