Is Your Soul Urging You to Move Forward with Your Dreams?

Thank you for supporting my dream of helping others through my gift of dreaming for us all.
What an amazing year filled with dream healing!!! Dreams are such a powerful way for our soul to let us know our next steps in healing and creating the life we’ve always wanted.
The dream I had for us all was where this woman was on a motorcycle with a helmet on. She ran towards a motorcycle and jumped on, driving full speed off the edge of the pier into the ocean. I said, “No! Don’t! You can get hurt!” She said, “I’m going and I’m gonna make it!” As she flew off the bridge she made a roaring sound like, “AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Clearly she was afraid and determined to go for it. At the bottom she dove in head first and I thought, “Oh, she’s a gonner.” Then after a moment, she rose to the surface and yelled, “Yeah!!!!” I couldn’t believe it. She made it.
When I woke up, my heart was pounding at all of the excitement. Clearly there was a message her, but what? Here’s what came through upon meditating with the dream.
There is a part of us that is all knowing and unafraid to dive head first into their soul’s calling. Sometimes it’s going into a long overdue conversation that will change a relationship. Other times it’s that thing that you wish you had the guts to do, but fear of the unknown, fear of what others will think, and so on. Some of us even feel like we will shake to death if we even think about doing this thing.
Whatever that thing is for you, know that you are not the only one with it. In times like this, where your soul is urging you to step into something new, call upon your guides and angels to help you with strength to move through this fear. Call upon that side of you that will dive off that bridge head first. Ask a friend to help you move through. Listen to your body. Is it telling you things need to change?
When my soul wanted me to resign from the school district, I was paralyzed for two weeks, avoiding calls from potential jobs. My body just wouldn’t let me go back to another year where my soul was suffocating. How it showed up in my body was me being silent and irritable.I am so grateful that I told my friend what I was experiencing. My fear was that I was giving up a good career to move into my soul’s calling as a healer. The dreams were flooding in like crazy. Would anyone come for sessions? Would I be able to pay rent? Was I crazy?
My friend, said, “So if it doesn’t work out, will you go back to the district?” I said no way. I’ll learn how to make coffee and get a job at Starbucks or somewhere.” She said, “What are you waiting for?” Regardless of what my family and a few friends said about keeping my foot in the door, I decided in that moment to drive to the district and resign. I knew I needed to close the door on that job in order to fully be true to me. The second I did it, I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.
What do you know? The Universe created these wild wormholes for a new path for me that I couldn’t even see then. I have taken each step being true to me and have never looked back with an ounce of regret. That is exactly like flying off a bridge into the ocean!!
Leap and the net will appear is on my refrigerator to remind me that the Universe will always catch me.
So, from me to you:

Please share with those who may need to hear this message.