Longing for a Past Lover

Have you ever wondered what could be if only your past lover had not left or you had not left? Having regrets about past relationships is normal. Carrying regrets around all the time can hold you back from living your life now.
I had a dream where my first love was once again my first love. In the dream I was drawn to him like a magnet. He was my 10 on a scale of 1-10 in gorgeousness and personality. Relationship expert, Alison Armstrong says run from your 10 because you cannot be powerful with someone you are that attracted to. When we were together, all I wanted to do was kiss and hug him. Even the circumstances were the same as they were back then. We had to hide from our parents and weren’t allowed to show any affection, so we were constantly finding hiding spots to be together. The feeling back then and in this dream was always a feeling of longing. In all reality it was torture being so drawn to this lover. These feelings of romantic longing consumed my body and mind. There was no ME. It was all about having him. This kind of longing lets us know we’re alive and can be quite addictive.

This kind of longing in love, whether it’s a past love, family member or friend, is what unhealthy love looks and feels like. The feelings of needing the other, pining for the other, longing for the other are all co-dependent behaviors. We think unless this suffering exists or love is painful, that it is not love. Healthy love is not painful.

Healing: First, I want to say that I am so sorry for this constant pain that has been torturing you and affecting your current relationships. When I asked what was needed for healing in this dream, it is a death ritual for all longing for what was. This is a death of old energy that is ready to leave. If you would like to receive this death ritual, (release of old stagnant energy) simply intend to receive it now. If resistance to letting this longing for a past lover arises, ask for help from spirit to remove this resistance. Take deep breaths to allow for the break up of this stagnant energy. Allow for any emotions that may arise. Your dreams may be of venting out this stagnant energy tonight. Simply allow them to be there and keep breathing out all that is not healthy love.

I hope this helps,
Keep Dreaming,