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Do You Have a Winning Mindset for Love?

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As you read this, I am sending your mind Reiki love. When people tell me they want a partner, I can often sense a feeling in them of defeat. They’ve done so much to heal from past break-ups, work on themselves, but where is their love? They start to resent or give up on their spirit helpers guides and the universe being a friendly place. Your mind may not be in a winning state. What I am here to tell you is that you are extraordinary. You want a certain kind of love that is a life long partner. You’re not just looking for some...

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Talk to Your Extraordinary Love Before You Actually Meet

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TALK TO YOUR LOVE BEFORE YOU EVEN MEET Whether you have met your love or are hoping to, one of the most important things you can do is talk to your love. What I mean is you talking to their soul. Talk to this person as if they are right in front of you. Have conversations with your love. You might be thinking what I’m suggesting is crazy, but stay with me for a moment. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between past, present or future. So have a conversation with your love before you see them. Imagine them standing in light...

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Calm Your Perfectionist

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Whether you are dating or are in a relationship, these tips will prove to be the best thing you can do for yourself each day. I was working with a client who has had the experience of being super stressed about meeting guys. She is constantly judging what she said, did, her looks… Her running belief is that if she’s perfect, someone will like her. Nobody is perfect. This will also keep you in your head, which is a stressful way to be. As a result she has attracted men who seem jumpy. Now we all know that when we are triggered by...

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I Will Only Be Happy When I Find My Love

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Do you believe that you cannot be happy until you meet your love? Maybe you say to yourself, “I don’t need someone in order to be happy.” But deep down you know it’s the truth? If you think this or deep down, believe that a partner will be able to make your life good, I need to warn you that if you’re not happy now, or working towards making yourself happy, you are in for a big let down. Yes, the feelings of falling in love are huge, but these euphoric feelings don’t last forever in this intensity. You and...

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Want Love for the Holidays?

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Get out of the House! You may be thinking, but Corinn, I don’t have any invitations. I’ll look like a fool showing up alone. I say, Hogwash! There are invitations all over Facebook for healing events, gatherings, and in coffee shop boards all over the place. Ask a friend to go with you or be brave and go alone. Right before the holidays, about 5 years ago to be exact, all I wanted to do was stay indoors feeling sorry for myself and watch TV and be with my cat. This had become a habit. It’s counter intuitive to break old...

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Is Wishing an EX happy holidays Well Received?

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I was recently talking with a guy who cringed when he heard his cousin had sent her ex a happy birthday message. I asked him why that was a bad thing and here’s what he said: “Once you’re done with a relationship, there’s nothing left to say. It’s just sad and awkward. You can’t be friends unless you never really loved the person. To respond to a text from an ex would be an invitation to make more conversation, but it’s over so don’t send an ex messages. Just move on.” Now I know why my ex...

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Are You a Green Light for Love?

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Many times a client will say they are ready for love, but report that people often ignore them or think they are not available. You may wonder what’s going on because you know you are single. Here’s the dream I had for a client on this issue: There was a woman in a bar/restaurant with her girlfriend. She sees a cute guy and realizes she’s already married so she hides her ring to go sit next to a guy she thinks is cute. This guy is very interested in her, but says to her, “I have one question for you. How long have you...

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Loving Someone in a Dream

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Have you ever wondered if you can give love to someone in a dream? What if you try this out for romantic love? I’ve had the honor of being visited by my departed loved ones and know this is real. This dream visit was with someone who is living. Yesterday my nephew contacted me asking for healing for his mother and for himself. I haven’t seen her in years. She lives in a different state. I said a special prayer for them both, sending Distance Reiki healing before I went to bed and released the prayer to spirit. This is the dream...

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Is it Hard for You to Trust?

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We may have a hard time trusting others when we have memories of being betrayed in our lives. But you may think to yourself, “I already healed from this.” What if the betrayal is stored in your cells from a past life betrayal? If we can look heal this in our cells, our healing will be more profound. The dream I had was where my husband kept trying to connect with me, wanting to read me letters and spend time together. In the dream I was resisting his love advances. Usually when we love someone and resist letting ourselves be loved...

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How to Transform Sadness into Joy

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One of the dreams I recently had was of a woman sitting in class saying to everyone how sad she was. The whole class became sad and felt sorry for her while she was sharing. It is important to honor any sadness that arises so that you can move it out of your body to create open space for love to enter. One effective way to deal with sadness at its core is to ask yourself when the last time you felt this sadness was. Once you remember the last instance, allow yourself to feel that fully. Then ask your sad feeling when the first time was that...

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