Magical Dream Healing Retreat

The Magical Dream Healing Retreat

This all inclusive retreat will leave you rejuvenated, restored and filled with light, love, vitality and play. Participants say they were buzzing with energy for days after!

Friday November 3 -5  DURING THE FULL MOON

Limited to 10 participants, built adjacent to a 40-foot high rock formation that has Native American acorn grinding bowls carved into the rock at it’s highest point with the best views of the valley below, nestled completely in the pines, this gorgeous sacred Geodesic dome covers 1.5 acres of land.  Idyllwild, CA. The nature setting is stunning. It’s the perfect place to escape the everyday hustle and bustle, heal, reflect, explore and nurture your soul. Enjoy a Jacuzzi gazing at the stars. SO MUCH EXPANSION IS AVAILABLE TO US!

Retreat Includes:

  • Two night accommodations in gorgeous Idyllwild
  • Healthy meals
  • Classroom sessions with Corinn including dream healing class sessions along with long breaks to rejuvenate with a meditative nature walk among the delicious pine trees, massage, color, nap, hike, journal.
  • Shamanic journey meditation led by Corinn
  • Magical community

Corinn and her team provide the magically loving space-holding necessary to create the opening for lasting healing and connection with like minded participants on all levels.

Are you ready for magical healing for your body, mind and spirit?

Additional Services:

Intuitive readings

Reiki Session


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Shared room $946


“Hey Corinn!

I wanted to thank you again for the fantastic retreat you created for us.  It was packed with magic, insights, learning and fun – and yet not “stuff the turkey” packed.  There was also the space we needed to relax, enjoy, and let what we learned sink in.  It was just the right balance for content and space.  It was the best retreat I’ve ever been to – and I’ve been to many different retreats!

I’m amazed at how much you taught up and gave us!   Our cups did indeed runneth over!

The Reiki treatment, massage and delicious food were particularly nice touches that added a feeling like a weekend at the spa!  My only regret is that you didn’t get a chance to get either Reiki or a massage during the weekend – but I am glad to hear that you got a couple of massages as well.  All too often, healers are great givers and forgot to give to themselves as well!

I was delighted and surprised that you were able to teach me to interpret my dreams – an area that I’ve felt blocked in for years. While I can often remember my dreams, I seldom was able to discover any deeper lesson behind them.   I found using the pendulum and charts very helpful in discovering meanings and working through related lessons where I might be “stuck.”

It was also great to experience a dream journey with you. You have a nice rhythm going there that is rich enough to avoid it becoming monotonous but simple enough that is it s helps propel us into our imaginations and visions.

I really enjoyed the retreat and hope we can do it again sometime soon.  I like the idea of getting together as a group and furthering our sharing, insights, learning, and connection.  I especially liked your idea of exploring past lives and what other worlds we have lived on.  I am fascinated by past lives!

Thank you so much, Corinn, for a magical and wondrous retreat!”

Peace, Love and healing,

Jeff C.

Software Engineer

San Diego, CA

Wow! It’s been a few days since the Magical Dream Healing Retreat and I’m still buzzing! For me, the retreat was indeed magical. I not only started remembering my dreams again, but began to learn how to interpret those dreams for healing. The experience was a perfect blend of educational sessions, fun, friendship, Reiki, massage, and rejuvenation in nature with surprises and magic sprinkled in. 


San Diego, CA

Corinn’s Magical Dream Healing Retreat was indeed magical. Set in an ideal location, this retreat included thoughtful personal touches, healing treatments, thoroughly prepared lessons, and plenty of good company and fun! It greatly exceeded my expectations. I only wish I could have stayed longer!


Reiki Master Practitioner

San Diego, CA