I am Grounded


This custom made blend was created when I was feeling stressed, clumsy, forgetful and spacey. I wanted to feel grounded in my body so I could go through my day planted firmly planted on my feet.

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Shake well, apply to your feet and lower chakras, affirming out loud, “I AM GROUNDED.” This blend helps you feel present and peaceful.

Custom blended with and infused with Reiki and organic oils of Patchouli for calming, Frankincense for relaxing, Rose Otto for balancing, Vetiver to calm the nervous system, garnet stone for grounding and strengthening the root chakra, this creation is charged on the star crystal grid.

Ingredients: Hand ground by mortar and pestle. Ponderosa Pine, regarded by American Indians as a powerful herb for healing wounds and cancer, vibrates on the color frequency of 111nm, which is the vibration of silver, stimulates endorphins in the brain to reduce pain to heal physical and emotional wounds. Douglas Fir heals the nervous system, strengthens spiritual and mental empowerment, and interacts with your body and mind to form harmony.

Marinated in Jojoba Oil and two Brazilian Pine Cone Seeds to balance the feminine and masculine energies of the wearer that contain the message: “For every soul that is lifted up, the seed is dropped and planted for courage and strength. The bark is the beauty from the seed which is the person’s inner beauty.”

Charged with a Clear Quartz crystal pyramid-programmed to heal the hearts of humanity

Packaged in 10ml Amber glass Vials. Bottles and crystals can be reused.

It is my wish that you easily become grounded and present with each use of I AM GROUNDED.


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