I AM Meditation- small


5/8 Ml. dram

This blend was custom made for a client who wanted to connect with his spirit guides and all that is in a tangible way. We were both blessed at his results. Now I use this any time I meditate and connect. This calms my overactive mind so I can sink into deep meditation. I chant St. Germaine’s I AM until I start to feel the oils take effect.

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Applied to the Third Eye chakra to help you drift into deep meditation and connect with yourself and all that is.

Custom blended with my healing hands and infused with alchemy, I AM Organic oil contains Original Reptilian Brain Healer, which heals the old brain, our old programming that has been frozen deep in our cells. The tree bark finds that frozen matter and brings it up and out of our reptilian brain to be healed so that we can move into our new self without our old programming running the show.
Also contains Marjoram and Vanilla to uplift your senses, Frankincense for relaxation, Roman Chamomile to sooth, Sandalwood for grounding, Amethyst for calming, Peridot to improve intuition, Tiger’s Eye for clarity. All infused with Reiki and magic.

It is my wish that you connect deeply with yourself and all that is with use of I AM to bring you calming and peace of mind.


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