I am Peace


This custom made blend was made specifically for time of stress. It is also a great reminder that this is why I am here: to spread peace.

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*alleviates fretfulness

*pain relief


*calms anxiety


*emotional warmth

*stimulates positive feelings


Shake well, apply to the heart, sacral chakra, below your belly button, Solar Plexus, between your navel and breast bone and to your wrists, affirming out loud, “I AM PEACE.” You will come back to a knowing of peace in no time.

Custom blended with Reptilian Brain original blend and infused with Reiki and Organic oils of Eucalyptus for pain relief, Grapefruit for uplifting, Neroli for alleviating fretfulness, Rosewood to stimulate positive feelings and emotional balance, Spikenard Wild for blessings and protection, Ylang Ylang to calm anxiety, crystals of Carnelian for emotional warmth, Citrine for alignment and happiness, Garnet for grounding, and Moonstone for nurturing.

It is my wish that I AM PEACE brings you back in alignment with your Zen self.


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