I Regenerate


This custom made blend was created when my students and I were absolutely exhausted. I wanted oils specifically with regenerative properties that would strengthen the body, mind and spirit.

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*cleanses stagnant energy
*awakens sluggish organs
*balances hormones
*calms the overactive mind
*strengthens the endocrine glands
*emotional stability

Shake well, apply to all of your chakras and the adrenals and affirm out loud, “I REGENERATE.” This blend will help you restore and rejuvenate in no time.

Custom blended with Reptilian Brain Healer and infused with Reiki and Organic oils of Frankincense for purification and cleansing stagnant energy, Rosewood for emotional stability and empowerment, Vetiver to balance hormones, strengthen the endocrine glands, and reduce anxiety and clear Quartz crystals to amplify all of the above.

It is my wish that I REGENERATE helps you feel strong, vitality and refreshed.


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