Reiki Mastership Class


Step further into developing your healing abilities and become a Reiki Master. The presence that we carry from being a Reiki Master is one that helps people heal simply by being in our strong auric field. I am grateful to have been teaching this program since 2007. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of and supporting each student's progress.

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Whether you want to teach Reiki or want to receive the powerful upgrades in your Reiki channel, this program is well worth the time and investment. It has improved my inner and outer life in so many ways and continues to do so for all of the Reiki Masters I’ve trained since 2007. I look forward to sharing my unique program with you.

You will be learning what traditional Reiki teaches: the first six months we go in depth with the five Reiki principles and the Reiki Master Meditations, then work with new symbols learn how to send Reiki to multiple people for days at a time using crystal grids, how to give healing attunements to the non-Reiki person, and how to give attunenments to yourself and students, should you be called to teach. I also include healing techniques that are not in the traditional Reiki training that I believe all healers should need. I’m like The Life of Pi character 🙂 
 You do not need to be an ordained minister to charge for Reiki. You will need a Business Tax License from the city in which you’re working. The state of California deems Reiki unharmful, therefore all you need is the SB577 waiver for your clients to sign. I provide copies for you that you can make your own.
 You can teach Reiki and give attunements after you’ve completed the program. 
See requirements of the program and specific dates of programs below. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me or email.

Reiki Mastership Program Requirements

Attend every meeting – (make-ups: $40 plus regular tuition) see me for make ups
Trade once or more per month with someone for experience
Be of service once a month or more
Complete the assignments and hand in/email on time
Commit to giving yourself Reiki regularly
Be gentle with yourself and others

Saturdays 10:00am-12:00pm once a month

Regular Tuition: $85 per month


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