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This highly concentrated custom made oil mixture is my original unscented all tree bark healing creation to remove energetic blocks and heal from old emotional wounding. I use Reptilian Brain healer to receive healing and answers to life’s issues during meditation and almost every night before bed.

Heals the Reptilian Brain- the old brain, our old programming that has been frozen deep in our cells. The tree barks find that frozen matter and bring it up and out of our reptilian brain to be healed so that we can move into our new selves without our old programming running our lives.

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– Physical and emotional wound healer

– Brings awareness to heal blocks

– Vivid dreams

– Heals stuck emotional programming

– Pain reducer

– Meditation enhancer

– Hand ground by mortar and pestle

– Channeled Prayers for freedom

– Infused with Reiki

– Infused with the ancient Shamanic healing symbol to relieve pain

-Recall past lives

Ingredients: Hand ground by mortar and pestle. Ponderosa Pine, regarded by American Indians as a powerful herb for healing wounds and cancer, vibrates on the color frequency of 111nm, which is the vibration of silver, stimulates endorphins in the brain to reduce pain to heal physical and emotional wounds. Douglas Fir heals the nervous system, strengthens spiritual and mental empowerment, and interacts with your body and mind to form harmony.

Marinated in Jojoba Oil and two Brazilian Pine Cone Seeds to balance the feminine and masculine energies of the wearer that contain the message: “For every soul that is lifted up, the seed is dropped and planted for courage and strength. The bark is the beauty from the seed which is the person’s inner beauty.”

Charged with a Clear Quartz crystal pyramid-programmed to heal the hearts of humanity

Packaged in Amber glass vials of 5/8 dram $10 and 1 dram $20. Vials and crystals can be reused.

Shake well, place a drop on your finger, asking the oil to heal, (fill in the blank,) and apply behind the ears and on the chakras. You can also ask the mixture to show you a past life related to the issue. Use your own intuition for application too. If applying at night brings disruptive sleep, use in the morning or place an amethyst crystal under pillow to turn nightmares into informational dreams. The mixture is a rich mixture of tree bark, which is brown, so rub in well when applying to areas that will be seen when leaving your house.

It is my wish that your healing with Reptilian Brain Healer helps you break through old outdated programming and clear energetic blocks to give you freedom to move forward on your path!
Trees of Life products are joyously made by magically healing hands. They are meticulously created with integrity and quality in mind.

All of our products are made from organic 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.

Alcohol, preservative and chemical free

Packaged and shipped from my hands to yours

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