Take Charge of Your Worth: Lowering/Raising Rates

This dream is for those who are wondering what to do when thinking about charging for your special gifts and services in the healing field. I hope this helps.
DREAM: After teaching a class in my office three women stayed after to chat. One woman said to me, “You need to charge $20 an hour, like I do. Then this woman, (she pointed to a woman who looked tired and fearful, clutching her purse,) will come to you everyday.” The woman who was telling me this was extremely overweight, had rotten teeth and looked exhausted.
My comment to this woman was, “Thank you for trying to help me. I teach a lot, which takes energy, so I’m not taking one on one clients everyday because it’s not easy on my body and energy. Providing energy taxes our adrenals more than if we were working at a regular job. My one on one time is extremely valuable so I price my one on one time based on what I need to take good care of myself to be a happy healer, pay rent, buy and cook healthy food and supplements, buy gas, and take the trainings I need to then, share with those I teach to.
DREAMWORK: Clearing of poverty consciousness. Just open to receive if you would like right now.
MESSAGE: Your time is valuable. Value your time and energy.