Before I went to sleep, I was wondering what might come through for a dream for all of us to know. I was feeling a little nervous about teaching new healing material to strangers. I have no worries about teaching Reiki and about Dreams because I’ve been doing it for a while. I still become a little nervous before the first class, wondering if people will like me, but this was different.
Here’s the dream that came through:
I was standing on the shore at the beach when I saw these huge waves rolling in. They were so beautiful. At the very top of the wave I saw a line of beings that looked like titans, tall archangels, gods and goddesses riding the wave coming to me. I was flabberghasted!!!
When I awoke, I had this wonderfully euphoric feeling that I finally saw who is there for us. Usually I see balls of light, but these were actual forms of beings! We really are protected and we really do have a huge team of bad ass guides, angels and spirit helpers right there, ready to go to work on helping us with our greatest dreams.
DREAM HEALING: a cleanse for fear of the unknown. If you would like to receive this, just ask spirit for help and imagine this huge wave of warm salt water cleansing any fear that is ready to leave today.

REAL LIFE: That morning, I went to teach Reiki class that morning with a huge smile on my face. The class was uneven, so I was partnered with a student during practice time. I asked what his intention was. He wanted understanding and compassion. While I was sending him Reiki, the dream flashed in and I received a message to ask him the question, “Do you ask for help from your spirit helpers. He said, “Sometimes, not really,” and smiled. I told him, “They are there for you and you just need to ask. They are twiddling their fingers until you ask. So ask.” He smiled.
Now I beg of you!! If you aren’t asking for help from your spirit helpers, PLEASE ASK! Just say, “Team of spirit helpers who are here on my behalf, I need help with ________________. Please help.” Then let them go to it. The letting go of control of how it shows up is important because, until we release the outcome, we are still trying to do it all ourselves. Our spirit helpers have the power to make wormholes in the universe to bend situations that we couldn’t even imagine. These helpers are fierce and oh so powerful to help us in a huge way!!!
And… guess who I asked for help with calming down right before my new teaching that night? Yup, you guessed it. My titan gang in the sky! I couldn’t believe how good I felt and how much spirit spoke through me to add humor to healing. Thank you SPIRIT!!!
Happy asking 🙂
Corinn Giuntoli