Webinar: Universal Drum Journey Tuesday March 28 at 6:30pm-7:30pm PST


$25 per household

With what’s been happening on the planet, there is no better time than to come together to shed the dense energies that have been holding us back from living well, so that we can increase our health, happiness, prosperity and share our light with the world.

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After many years of dreaming and drumming for groups over the years, I have seen people:

  • increase and heighten their intuition
  • make decisions more easily
  • bring love into their lives
  • increase health and well being
  • welcome an abundance of career opportunities
  • connect to their Spirit Guides and helpers

and so much more that is hard to put into words.

My goal is to hold a monthly webinar to engage with like minded souls around the globe to help us alleviate physical and mental struggles in us which will affect all of the universe. As we sit in powerful frequencies, we create positive change in the universe. I will teach tips on how we can pull ourselves out of our logical minds and into our hearts, thus strengthening our intuitive powers so that we can be our best selves, feel good and share our light with our sphere of influence.

How will we do this?

I will:

  • Consciously dream for all of the participants who will be live or listening to the recording
  • Perform a group process based on the information from the dream to raise our frequencies to help us as the collective consciousness
  • Pull cards for messages that we need to know and do right now
  • Guide us through a drum journey for us to relax our nervous systems, strengthen our energy fields, and move forward on our path of wholeness
  • Take comments and/or questions
  • Provide a recording of the event


One of my favorite testimonials that says it all:

I always look forward to doing a Drum Journey with Corinn. I find the vibration and sound of the drumming to be extremely relaxing for my busy mind. I tend to feel more energized and less agitated immediately after the journey itself. I have experienced a reduction of pain and have received great insight into personal struggles.

A.H. San Diego, CA