What to Do When People Don’t Treat You Well

There are a few reasons why you could be attracting people who don’t treat you well. I saw a woman recently who had described her life as having people be rude to her for no reason and men in relationship with her cheated on her or were mean. Because of this, she thought something was wrong with her and was isolating herself out of fear of something else happening, along with a growing hatred for people. One thing I know is that we were meant to live joyful  free lives interacting with people to learn our lives lessons. I remember this happened to me for decades. Isolating is no way to live at all. It can feel safe, but is missing the mark, if you ask me.

With this woman in particular, I saw a past life where she was a healer, back then healers were called witches. A healer is just someone who is in tune with their intuitive gifts.  To the towns people, headed by the church, she was considered evil and condemned to be burned alive. People called her nasty names and even threw rocks at her. When this woman was dying, she made a vow never to follow her intuition again, because, look where it got her. She took a vow of hatred towards herself and others.

First of all, if you suspect this has been one of your past lives, I want to say how sorry I am that you had to go through that and brought it into this life time to sort out. I am sorry if people are mean to you now. I also know that there is a way to move this energy out of your DNA so you can attract a better circumstance for your life. If you would like to receive the healing for this situation, simply be open to receive and you will. Let’s ask our spirit helpers, angels and guides for some help:

1. Energy sweep of hurt, heart pain, hatred and fear.

2. Break the contract not to follow your intuition.

3. Break the vow of hatred towards people.

4. Blow up that past lifetime and remove it from your cells so you are no longer a target to attract this.

5. Fill up your cells with a cleansing green light and  unconditional love pink ray of light to reset your system. To strengthen this energy you only need to breathe deeply focusing on your heart. The more you do this, the more it will expand each day and you will be surrounded by this gorgeous radiating light that attracts positive into your life.

When you have had bad things happen to you over and over, it can feel like you are being punished and life is cruel. You are not being punished. Carrying around the energy of this past life was creating a bulls eye and hatred draws more hatred to you to create more situations of attack upon you.

It is very important that you make sure to look for the good now that your energy has been freed from this cellular memory. Carry yourself as confident, even if you don’t feel it. Body language tells others you are not to be messed with. If you walk around in fear or imagine the worst, your energy will go to work on creating that for you. You are now carrying a lighter vibration after this healing, so take advantage of this lightness and create what you want by picture the best. Enjoy the new you who attracts good things. If you start to worry, ask your spirit helpers to take the worry and transmute it into hope for new possibilities. See what shows up now that you have this cleans slate.

Lastly, no one can treat you in a way that you haven’t already treated yourself, so treat yourself kindly and you will be treated kindly in return.

I hope this helps,

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Corinn Giuntoli