What to Do When What You Want is Not Happening

I had a dream where there was a friend who was having a celebration for her success. We were at the party and all I wanted to do was run away and cry because I felt so upset that her dreams were coming true so fast and easily and mine weren’t. I woke up feeling so sad. Before I went to bed I was feeling melancholy about my dreams not yet coming true so of course I brought the emotion into my dream to process.
Then another dream came in where one of my greatest dreams came true of my books selling getting out to the world to help the people who need my help. I’ve had this dream before and love it!
When we know we have big dreams that will help the world, it can be a bit disheartening when we see other people having success. It can leave us with these questions of, “What about me and my dreams?” “What am I doing wrong?” “Why aren’t things happening for me?”
Know that you and your dreams are important. They aren’t happening for a reason, like timing or something in the way or maybe you haven’t released them to a higher power and are trying to control everything like I laugh about myself so often for doing.
I am so grateful for this dream telling me what I need to process, which feels like sadness, disappointment and a little bit of envy. Although I am happy for other people’s successes, this one hit me like a hammer, rapidly and hard. I just wanted to turn off everything, phone, lights, people… Of course, we are in a cancer moon, which is useful for magnifying our feelings, but doesn’t feel useful at all. It freakin’ hurts!
The first thing to do is honor the emotion. I was lying in my bed crying. I felt bad for the envy that was there in the first place and for the child in me that wants my dreams to come true too.
The next thing, after meditating on this dream, was this desire to look at the next dream about one of my dreams coming true. I asked what I could do to get back into the vibration of attracting what I want, as I am a big believer in the law of attraction. The message was to take one action step towards my dream. I realized that I’d been putting off scheduling a book talk at the local bookstore due to it being cancelled before. So, I felt the fear of possibly being rejected again and of getting myself out there and sent it anyway. I can’t complain about my dreams not coming true if I don’t take the action steps that call to me.
Then, right before I sent the proposal to the store, I was guided to do a grounding meditation using Reiki symbols and crystals. It was great! I prayed for help with this dream come true and then sent the email. I was so jittery from this step forward that I had to go for a walk. On that walk I received a message that I need to ask for help instead of painting the picture that I’m fine trying to do it all by myself. So I decided to ask a couple of other people that popped into my mind for help. Not an easy thing for me as I’m usually the support for everyone aroudn me. It felt very vulnerable and I did it anyway. Phew.
Next I was guided to write 10 things I am grateful for, feel the excitement that I felt in the dream come true dream, and do something that would make me smile or feel good. So of course, I reached for my Katy Perry movie and made myself a yummy smoothie. So many people look at me funny when I say what Katy Perry’s music does for me. I don’t like all of her songs, but a few of them really speak to me.
I was clueless as to why I was so drawn to her music after Firework came out. If you listen to the lyrics, basically, she is saying that we are all amazing, which I truly believe. I also get goosebumps down my spine when I sing along to her music. My Feng Shui friend, Dara told me that I am an earth mountain element and so is Katy. She said my draw to her is because I have come in contact with a soul sister. Makes sense to me. Whatever that thing is that makes you feel good, find it and do it, no matter what other people may say.
After watching the movie, I was inspired to write this blog. If my experience can help someone, then who am I to keep it in. When Katy’s dream wasn’t coming true, she didn’t stop trying. That perseverance and dedication to her gifts has paid off and it can happen for us too, no matter what the dream. I strongly believe that we are here for a reason. Let’s do this thing, people!
I hope this helps,
Keep dreaming,