Would You Like to Heal From Betrayal?

Recently I was asking my body and the universe to help me heal from all that is not love. What happened in the next few days was a lot of anger coming out of me at my current partner. I was angry about some things that he had done, but I knew that this anger wasn’t all about him. I asked for a dream to help me heal old anger.

I had a dream last night where I was cheated on by an ex. The yelling that came out of me was was wild. When I awoke, I remembered being angry from that betrayal, but not actually acknowledging that anger in waking hours. It had been suppressed by me and needed to come out. Our dreams are so helpful for this.
I asked the archangels and my guides to free me from this anger and received a healing. If you suspect you may have some repressed anger, you can ask your angels and guides to help you free it up from your system.

As I was receiving the healing, I had the thought come in about why I was so angry. I remembered that a woman who knew my ex. came up to me one day and told me he cheats on everyone he’s with. I asked him why she would say that to me and he said, “She’s just trying to get rid of you because she still wants to be with me.” I thought that was odd since she broke up with him. I decided to stay in the moment and continue on with the relationship even though this felt kind of weird inside, but I couldn’t label the weirdness and really wanted to be with this guy. He was so sexy.
I remember the day I found out he was cheating on me. I was so hurt and angry because I couldn’t believe that he did this to me. Mostly I was angry at ME for not listening to the strange feelings I had.
I’ve recently been asking myself the question, “What if this injury isn’t personal?” where I can look at the painful things that have happened to me in a different light to free up hurt that’s blocking me from being fully available and healthy. I realized that he didn’t actually do this to only me… he did this to everyone. It was his behavior. I was a woman and this is how his pattern with women. It wasn’t